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        Automatic Visual Inspection

        Virgo-L08 automatic appearance detection equipment, such as cohesion day optical detection, autonomous Cam analysis and AI deep learning technology, with high detection efficiency, less manual intervention, strong learning ability and other characteristics, can be widely used in PCB, FPC and other fields of flexible circuit board appearance detection.



        Inspecting Size ≤500×600mm
        Inspecting thickness 0.3 to 2 mm(automatic focusing system)
        Power Supply AC230V 50/60 Hz <7KVA
        Dimension 1962×1490×1528mm (L×W×H) 
        environment requirment 10~35℃,35~80% RH
        Available Range HASL、Immersion Tin、Immersion Au、Plating Au、Immersion Ag、OSP、etc.
        Recognition methods Image Contrast&Software Auto-compensation&AI
        Image mode Color(R/G/B)
        Pixel 10μm/pixel(can be selected)
        illumination Line Coaxial+line dome
        Data pattern Gerber,Semi-automatic recipe,
        The auxiliary function Database+Server,Image review
        operating system
        Windows10 64bit
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