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        MueTec provides highest precision and repeatability for production qualification of photomasks, including but not limited to COG (chrome on glass) and PSM (phase shift masks). Measurements include the distribution of CD uniformity on the mask. We offer visible light and UV light illumination in both reflective and transmitted mode. UV illumination is used to measure feature sizes down to 300 nm. 3-sigma repeatability is typically in the nanometer range.

        For incoming mask inspection, we also provide long-distance objective lenses for measurements through pellicle. 

        • DaVinci 270UV
          Mask CD Metrology
          DaVinci 270UV

          Typical Applications

          Critical Dimension Metrology


          Cost effective solution for mask layers with feature sizes of 300nm and above

          UV and visable light capability

          Reflected and transmitted light

          Highest quality opticcs

          Flexible tool configurations available

          CD repeatability (3 sigma) long term < 4 nm (etched layer) 

        • MT270UV
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