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        Photovoltaic silicon wafer detection and sorting equipment can comprehensively test the quality of photovoltaic silicon wafers, making it a key piece of equipment for photovoltaic silicon wafer manufacturing.

        The photovoltaic silicon wafer detection and sorting equipment developed by TZTEK, integrating more than 10 years of machine vision technology and experience, realizes one-step, high-speed, comprehensive detection and grading of dimensions, line marks, warpage, breakage, surface defects, latent cracks, electrical properties, and other characteristics of monocrystal, polycrystal, and black silicon wafers by incorporating a deep learning AI algorithm. Specifically, it performs recognition and extraction with high efficiency and a high recognition rate of the characteristics of defects in silicon wafers, and integrates four major processes in quality control of silicon wafers, including feeding, full detection, data analysis, and blanking & sorting, into an automatic intelligent system, so as to meet your requirements for sorting and detection of silicon wafers and similar products in the new energy sector.

        • "0" Damage

          Non-contact with "0" damage

        • Data Support

          automatically collectiing and uploading real-time inspection and sorting data

        • Low Cost

          Less labour investment , lower total sorting and testing costs

        4Key Processes

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